Paris Gallery Show by Lions of Paris Co-Founder Mascha Girardot-Shumikina

On the occasion of her gallery show "Lost & Found / The Final Glow" we would like to introduce you to Lions of Paris co-founder and creative director Mascha Girardot-Shumikina - her artwork is the inspiration for Lions of Paris activewear. We invite you to follow her on Instagram - - and to attend the gallery show if you are in Paris in October. Gallery location and times are below.

Mascha Girardot-Shumukina Exposition

Mascha was formally educated in art, design, and fashion at Chelsea College of Art and Central Saint Martins College in London and has travelled the world working in design and fashion roles culminating in her creation of Lions of Paris. Please visit her website - - to see more artwork.

"What If" // Lost & Found Collection // Mascha Girardot-Shumikina

The gallery show is presented by the Mayor of the 7th Arrondissement of Paris and being held at the Galerie Béatrice Hodent de Broutelles - on the Rive Gauche near the Musée Rodin and Saint Laurent head office - at 116 Rue de Grenelle from October 13th to 27th. The artwork is available for purchase.

"Scarlet Letter" // Lost & Found Collection // Mascha Girardot-Shumikina


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