Sustainable Fashion Is Our Higher Purpose

Sustainability in its simplest terms means the ability for humans and our planet to coexist in a balanced, harmonious, and peaceful manner - basically, can we live on earth without destroying it? The answer to this practical but existential question is unbelievably complex and the most essential of our current time.

Everything we do, and every decision we make, has an impact - from the decisions of political leaders and corporate titans, to the food we eat, the cars we drive, and yes, the clothing we wear. When we try to grasp the immensity of “sustainability” it’s easy to see why we as individuals become overwhelmed, uncertain about how we can have a positive impact.

Sustainable fashion comes with responsibilities

We at Lions of Paris absolutely love fashion design, but we feel that comes with certain responsibilities, so we’ve made a few simple choices regarding our role in the fashion industry. We operate on a zero-impact, zero-waste, climate-neutral basis. Everything we produce is custom-made on-demand for each customer so that we have no wasted energy and no inefficient, wasted inventory. And we have a low carbon footprint, working remotely from different places in the world - Paris, London, Berlin, New York, and Vancouver - and don’t commute to an office or central location.

Regarding our suppliers, they are located in the USA and Europe, are socially-inclusive employers with fulfilling work environments and good wages, use water-efficient fabric production methods, have low-energy printers that use water-based biodegradable inks that are non-toxic and free from heavy metals and formaldehyde, and have in-house recycling programs.

Sustainable fashion is an immense subject with a limitless amount of issues and challenges. We know we’re just a passionate team doing our best to create stylish clothing for women with active lifestyles, but we started out by being as responsible as possible and as we grow we always look to improve our production systems and behaviors. Perhaps one day we’ll be recognized as much for our sustainable approach as we are for our artistic designs. We immensely appreciate your support!


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