Ethically Made Clothing Benefits Everyone

One of the most important questions being asked more today than ever before is “Where is your fashion made?” Implied in this question is not just the location of where clothing is made but also who is making it, how are they treated, how are they paid, and should I feel guilty about the answer to all these questions. What people seem to be realizing is that there are real people behind the shirts and leggings we wear; they’re realizing that we are all connected.

Where is your fashion made?

We asked ourselves these questions throughout our careers, and sometimes didn’t like the answers we uncovered. So when we started Lions of Paris it was our mandate that we would act responsibly with every choice and every action, focusing on the people behind the scenes creating our clothes, and be certain that we had a positive impact from design through production and into the wearers hands (that’s you!).

We knew we had to rely on multiple suppliers to create Lions of Paris, so before we determined whom to work with, we defined Ethically Made as the following: everyone involved in the creation of our clothing has equal rights and empowerment; everyone receives fair and equal pay for their labor; everyone has a right to a positive workplace and fulfilling work environment; and all diversity is encouraged and respected.

We can simply state that we met our goals. Our clothing is produced in the United States and Europe, specifically California, North Carolina, Latvia, and Portugal. The diverse staff have equal rights, equal pay and benefits, and the work environments are above reproach (read more here regarding their sustainable practices). It may cost us a bit more to produce our clothing but we sleep easy at night knowing that we’re doing things the right way. As the title of this article states - Ethically Made Clothing Benefits Everyone - including you.

So rest easy while working up a sweat in Lions of Paris! You deserve it.


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